• Swing classes is a Java package used to build a local user interface (buttons, menus, drop downs). It’s not used for a web interface.

Eclipse: swing_demo

Java Swing is a large toolkit that includes support for all the things that you generally (and some things you don’t generally) see in a non-web user interface: windows, buttons (with text, images, both, or neither), option lists, menus, labels, text boxes, text areas, checkboxes, droplists, drawing areas, file-selection dialogs, file save dialogs, other dialogs, and so on. In short, Swing offers all the tools you need to write almost any program. Some specialized programs might require interface objects that Swing doesn’t have, but other toolkits probably don’t have them, either. Also, Swing does include the ability to make new kinds of interface objects, though that’s beyond the scope of this book.

Java 7 for Absolute Beginners

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