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Posts in the video category relate to the use of video in instruction, and usually involve some embedded videos or other animated visuals leveraged for purposes of documentation.

The following content is in the video category:

Recording of Tech Comm Trends Presentation (STC Puget Sound chapter)

Recording of Creating Documentation for Startups: Panel Discussion -- Write the Docs San Francisco

Slides and recording for "Perfecting the audio narration in instructional video" at Info Dev World

Upcoming presentation at #InfoDevWorld: "Perfecting the Audio Narration in Instructional Videos"

Upcoming STC Editing SIG Webinar: Writing and Editing Scripts for Video Tutorials

How to Create Video Tutorials -- A Five Step Process

Keeping Scripts Fluid When Recording Video Tutorials

Why Isn't Spoken Language Easier for Writers?

Captivate Versus Camtasia Studio

Videocast Gallery from the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

Finding Time to Draw: Ben Minson at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

New Variables for Technical Writing Project Managers: Larry Kunz at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

Tough Situations for Technical Communication Managers: Saul Carliner at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

The Do-It-Yourself Philosophy: Saul Carliner at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

SXSW Conference Versus STC Summit: Anne Gentle and Janet Swisher at the STC Summit, #stc10

Simple Tips for Website Accessibility: Brenda Huettner at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

Pay-per-Content Versus Free: Char James-Tanny and Bill Swallow at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

Upcoming Books from XML Press: Richard Hamilton at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

Embedded Links and Online Reading Accessibility: Whitney Quesenbery and Caroline Jarrett, #stc10

Breaking into the Mobile Market: Joe Welinski at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

The Art of Questioning: Rich Maggiani at the STC Summit, #stc10

Storytelling for User Experience: Whitney Quesenbery at the STC Summit #stc10

Trending Towards Mobile: Neil Perlin at the STC Summit #stc10

Trust and Transparency: Leadership Day at the STC Summit #stc10

What I'm presenting on at the STC Summit in Dallas, #stc10

Why Tech Comm Professors Don't Teach Video

Fixing Fumbled Sentences

PowerPoint from Screencasting Webinar

What I'm Presenting on at the Dallas Summit

Embedding Videos into Madcap Flare

Why Is It Important for Video Tutorials to Be User-Led?

Two New Tools I'm Learning

How Google Does Help

How Video Can Turn Your Career Around

Screencasting -- Workflow and Presentation, by Collin Turner (Podcast)

The Problem with Speaking Conversationally in Video Tutorials

Finding a Conversational Voice in Video Tutorials

Thinking About an STC Proposal to Submit

How I Create Video Tutorials

Writing for the Web — Ian Koss, Founder of

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