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The family category is a personal category that includes non-tech-comm-related posts; instead, I write about family-related topics and events. This category is intended more like a personal journal related to family.

The following content is in the family category:

Obituary for my dad - David Tait Johnson, 1935 - 2018

Biking down Coyote Creek Trail

Shannon got into Stanford's MA Liberal Arts program

Selling Girl Scout cookies

My daughter published a real video game through "Girls Make Games" camp

Why no one stopped by my technical writing booth at career fair day

Free from limitations and imaginary lines

Crystal Springs Reservoir ride, and other details

Celebrating Lucy and her timeline

Santa Clara to San Carlos bike ride

San Francisco city-to-ferry loop bicycle ride

Biking trip to Yosemite

Natural Bridges

Maisie's peak and more

Two months after leaving the church -- an update

Why I left the Mormon church

The Bug Badge

Girl Scouts Painting and Comic Art Badges

Discovering Girl Scouts

First Day of School

Summer Is Over, School Begins Again

A Love Affair with Grapefruit

What I Like About Grandpa

Grandpa Reading Runaway Bunny

Buffalo on Antelope Island

Hanging Out at Home

Sitting Around at Home

Kids Singing

Counting Calories

How Avery Got Earrings

Grandma Nana Comes to Visit

We Moved Downstairs

King Size Bed Fits Four

Regret Over a Missed Career in Astronomy

Discovering Antelope Island

Reading Mistborn

Cooking Tamales

Recordings of Fathers Blessings

Stewart Falls: One Last Outing Before Summer Ends

How Swimming Has Changed

Storm Returns Home

The Big Hill

Windy Night and a Stray Cat

Sidewalk Chalk at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Swimming at the Lehi Legacy Center

Thanksgiving Point Gardens Outing

Thinking More About Family

Our Spring View Farms Trail Adventure

Up and Down Directions

I want to be a spy ....

On Prayer

On telling real stories

Making Up Stories

The Moment

The Butterfly Paths

Saratoga Hot Springs

Cedar Fort cemetery

My Review of the Old Testament (really)


Generation B - Mr. Mom, Father's Day Edition -

The Wind and A Lot of Thoughts About Pessimism and Optimism

Like Father, Like Daughter

A blogging family

Grasshoppers that Look Like Aliens

Four-Wheeling in the Wasatch Front

Evening Fishing at the North Pier

Lucy Smiles for the Camera -- Funny Photo

Special Father's Day Post: Description of My Dad

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