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Posts in the web design category touch upon aspects of website creation, styling, theming, publishing, and more. For example, WordPress or Jekyll themes or other code might fall into this category.The following content is in the web-design category:

From DITA to docs-as-code and Docusaurus: Q&A with Mike Howes

Newsletter: AI doc alerts, state of tools, saying easy or just, automated writing teams

Pages at a glance -- the importance of the first two sentences of any topic

Version 3.0 of my Documentation theme for Jekyll released

Recording of Innovation in Technical Communication keynote at tcworld India 2015

DocOps: Interview with Jim Turcotte

Diverging Directions for Tech Comm: Social Media or Structured Authoring

Arguments for and Against Tripane Help

The Real Source of Findability

Trends in Search Engine Optimization -- Shifting from Search to Social?

I am perhaps finishing my basement, someday

The Problem of Free and the Long Tail of Content Production

WordPress Tip: Integrating a WordPress Blog into your Website as an Alternative to Google Reader [Screencast]

Emergence [Organizing Content #19]

Does a Technical Writer Need to Understand Web Design?

Designing from the Content/Story Out

Embedded Links and Online Reading Accessibility: Whitney Quesenbery and Caroline Jarrett, #stc10

What Would a WordPress Template for Chapter Sites Look Like?

Fragmented Communities and the Chapter/SIG Web Site Problem

Web Site Critique and WordPress Q&A Webinar This Thursday

Implementing Google Custom Search on WordPress

Site Critiques and WordPress Q&A -- Community Leaders Webinar Jan 28

Why Help Authoring Tools Will Fade

How to Incorporate Twitter into Your Presentation

A Few Surprises in Using a Wiki for Documentation

Being unreadable (Sins of blogging)

Google Releases Sidewiki and Adds to the Growing Trend of Conversation

Smashing Magazine Lists 10 Web Usability Guidelines

New Content Strategy SIG

Podcast with Anne Gentle about her Conversation and Community book

Review of Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation

Converting Lurkers into Contributors in Online Communities -- Nielsen's 90-9-1 Rule

New York Times Starts a “What We're Reading” Section

Interactive Google Map of Where I Work

I Need Your Human Aggregated Content

Real Projects for Entry-Level Writers Trying to Build Their Portfolios

"What I'm Reading": A New Feature on My Site and a Tweak of Writer River

Blogging, Podcasting, and Screencasting: Eight Characteristics to Attract Devoted Followers [Part I]

WordPress Tip: “Crunching” and “Burning”

GUI Magnets -- Prototyping User Interfaces with Simple Magnets

Quick Reference Guides Right Where You Need Them

AP Article Leads to "Helping Husbands and Fathers" Photo Project

CSS-Tricks #1: Converting a Photoshop Mockup (part 1 of 3)

Trends in Web Design Involving WordPress

WordPress Tip: Merging Worlds: DITA and WordPress

My STC Intercom Article about Writer River and Community-Driven Websites

Good Designs Have Strong Contrast

Twitter Part II –- One Step Deeper

Guy Kawasaki's Alltop Site Now Includes Technical Writing

Seamlessly Integrating a Blog into Your Non-Blog Website

Another Collaborative Site: Read Scriptures Together

Too Connected – Utopias and Dystopias of Communication

Thank You Silahsiz Kuvvetler for Showing Me the Light

WordPress Tip: Woopra — Enough Live Site Stats to Write a Dissertation

My Compromise with SharePoint -- What Works and What Doesn't

Customizing Your SharePoint Site? Read These 10 Concepts/Gotchas First

Systems that Get Better the More People Use Them

Announcing, a Digg-like Social News Site for Technical Communicators

My First Guest Post -- And Best Writing Tip

Podcast: Analyzing Your Users and Needs Before Creating the Help Deliverables; Interview with Nicky Bleiel

Podcast: Document Engineering, Interview with Robert Glushko

WordPress Tip: Using WordPress to Build Websites Instead of Blogs

Seven Reasons Why I'm Twittering -- Especially During Conference Time

How My BlackBerry May Benefit You

Why You Should Send Me (and Other Bloggers) Your Products for Free

Technical Writing Careers -- Answering 13 Questions about Technical Writing Jobs

A Web 2.0 Documentation Idea Gone Wrong

Clearplay: An Ingenious DVD Player That Filters Movies Without Altering Them

How to Share Everything with Everyone (well, a few things anyway)

How to Get Out of a Slump, and Handle Pressure Situations Calmly

Online Anonymous Rating Sites: Empowering Individual Voices

Cool Example of AJAX in a Blog -- Increases Usability

Thoughts on the Accumulation of Stuff [Junk]

Rethinking the Importance of Screenshots, Diagrams, and Other Visuals

Resolving Browser Display Discrepancies Between IE and Firefox

The Paradox of White Space: Some Research and Examples of White Space in Web Design

Switching from Desktop to Online Tools

Converting Your WordPress Blog into a CMS (Content Management System)

Economic Prosperity Tied to Openness and Tolerance, says Richard Florida; Also, Thoughts on Inclusive, Distributed Leadership

Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog: Three Easy Techniques, and also Drawbacks to SEO

POPURLS -- Consolidated News Aggregation From Digg,, Reddit, Tailrank, Newsvine, and 20 Other Sites

PostSecret -- a Postcard Confession Site, Fathers Theme

Intro to Information Architecture -- Reflections on the Different Roles We Can Play

Google Master Plan Video -- Speculations on the Hidden Purposes Behind Google's Information Collection

Making of the Oxford English Dictionary -- Recommended Podcast

Lip Dub Video Clip Captures Essence of the Web -- Spontaneity, Authenticity, Participation, Fun

Vista Help Emphasizes Concepts in Effort to Create Power Users

Google 411 -- Free Information Listings via Phone

Perfect Explanation of RSS -- Engaging Video Tutorial

Free Conference Call Recording/Podcasting Service at

Jott—a Free Voicemail to Transcribed Text Memo Service

Where I'm Going, My Aspirations -- Everything Seems to Align with Web 2.0

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds with Internet Explorer 7

MySQL CEO Says, "It is dangerous to hire someobody who has too much experience."

WordPress vs. Movable Type: The Advantages of Open Source and What It Means for Technical Writers

Yahoo Pipes and the Mashed Up World of Aggregated, Filtered, Blended Information

The Evolutionary Strategy of Web 2.0 — It's Like Having 100 Personal Researchers Working For You

Microformats and the Semantic Web

37 Signals, To Do Lists — Printable To Do Lists To Get Organized

My First Virtual Administrative Meeting

Spinvox: The Next Killer App. for Cell Phones

Never Listen to Voicemail via Cell Phone Again — & Spinvox Deliver Voicemail to Email for Free

Suncoast Member Map Finished

Making a Chapter Member Map Mashup with Google Maps

Survey Gizmo: The best tool/thing I have used/done

Web Developer Firefox Extension Makes CSS Editing Easy

Read a Book by E-mail, a Little Each Day with Daily Lit

Make your computer run faster by disabling all the auto-startup programs

Web 2.0 dieting and nutrition site:

WordPress as Budgeting Software:

Why Blogger is more popular than WordPress: Ease of Use

Using Gmail to read Threaded Conversations from Listservs

Skype Firefox Exention Changes Phone Numbers into Buttons

Open Source Folder Compression Utility -- 7 Zip

Posting Youtube Videos — A Required Tone for Internet Audiences?

Creating your own RSS Feed

Looking up IP addresses

Wordpress to offer Enterprise Edition

Open Source Software and Wikis

Checking out Youtube: A Few Fun Videos to Watch

Top 100 blogs and top 100 podcasts

Two useful tools for surveys and webinars

Combining Podcasting with Technical Writing

DITA Structured Blogging and Online Help

Websort -- Testing out the Logical Taxonomy of your Site

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