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API doc site updates

The API doc site updates category lists announcements about new articles that I've added to my API documentation course. The course is something I continue to add to as a way of organizing information about the API doc space.

The following content is in the api-doc-site-updates category:

Moved AI pages into their own collection and space

New article: AI and APIs: What works, what doesn't

New API course topic: Using AI for summaries

New API doc course topic: Using AI for glossary definitions

New API doc course topic: Using AI for comparison tasks with API responses

New API doc course topic: Using AI For thematic analysis

New API doc course topic: Using AI for language advice

New API doc course topic: Using AI to create doc updates based on bugs

New API doc course topic: Using AI to learn coding

New topic in API course: Using AI tools to write build and publish scripts

New topic in API doc course: AI document engineering with pattern-based prompts

First Look at Oxygen XML's Positron AI Assistant [API doc course]

Adding a new AI section to my API doc course

Chapter PDFs for API doc course

Blog and API doc course are now one site

Stoplight tutorial update -- practically every screenshot updated

Blobr API portal (API doc topic)

Updated Metrics and Measurement section in API course to remove scoring aspect

PDF and eBook formats available for API doc course

Broadcasting your meeting notes (API documentation topic)

"The writing process"-- a new section in my API doc course

New article in API doc course: Using Oxygen XML in docs-as-code workflows

New article in API doc course: 'Ensuring documentation coverage with each software release'

Sending doc status reports -- a tool for visibility and relationship building [API doc course]

Updated API Getting Started tutorial

Updated Stoplight tutorial

Updated glossary article with technical examples [API doc course]

10 observations after using my API documentation checklist in a real scenario

Adding last modified timestamps to content

Product overviews -- a tricky space where documentation and marketing overlap

Measuring documentation quality -- a rubric for developer docs

Finished up the section on documentation processes (for now)

New API course article: Processes for changing internal doc culture

New API course article: Processes for external contributors

Process for collecting feedback post-release (new article in API doc course)

Processes for maintaining existing documentation (new article in API doc course)

New article in API course: Processes for reviewing documentation

Redocly tutorial added to API course

New article in API course -- Questions to ask during a documentation kickoff and demo

ISTC article on developer documentation trends

SDK release process article added to API doc course

DX content strategy article added to API doc course

Processes for managing large documentation projects and small documentation requests

API doc course update: Re-architecting the OpenAPI spec tutorials to start with visual modeling tools first, then code

Site update: Switched from Disqus to Commento

Podcast: API Design and Usability with Arnaud Lauret (API Handyman)

Upcoming API Documentation Workshop in Los Angeles, Calif., on January 23, 2020

Reflecting on my latest SF API doc workshop

Write the Docs Podcast episode 25: Researching how developers use API docs, with Andrew Head

Expanding embedded Swagger UI instances in your docs

New topic in API course: Five strategies for documenting code

New topic in API course: Research on documenting code

New topic in API course: Why documenting code is so difficult

If I am learning to write developer documentation, should GraphQL be on my radar? -- guest post by Casey Armstrong

New video recordings of Raleigh API documentation workshop now available

Upcoming API workshops in Raleigh (April 6) and Denver (May 5)

Recording of API documentation workshop in Denver

Recording of Docs-as-code tools and workflows presentation

Recording of WTD South Bay presentation: Publishing tools for API documentation

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