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Screencasting refers to video tutorials, often short and focused on software, intended to supplement documentation with a more visual experience. Screencasts are usually focused on a single task or concept and last 2-5 minutes.

The following content is in the screencasting category:

New video recordings of Raleigh API documentation workshop now available

Podcast download stats kind of mind-blowing

Slides and recording for "Perfecting the audio narration in instructional video" at Info Dev World

Imperfect content and the difficulty of writing video scripts

Appearing on The Forge Show from TechSmith Today at 2pm EST

Familiarity Affects Preferences for Text or Video

Building on Past Successes for Future Directions

The Perfect Voice -- Professional or Authentic?

The Importance of Visual Communication, or How to Build a Dirt Sifter

e-Learning Event Coming Up This Friday (Utah location)

Why Tech Comm Professors Don't Teach Video

Podcast: Ten Voiceover Techniques (PodcampSLC)

My STC Summit Proceedings paper on voiceover techniques (Voiceover)

Feasibility, Believability, and Fixability: Three Reasons Not to Use a Professional Voiceover Actor

Breathing correctly (Voiceover)

Recording with the right microphone (Voiceover techniques)

Adding inflection (Voiceover)

Fixing Fumbled Sentences

Avoiding phlegm in your throat with voiceovers (Voiceover)

Smiling while you narrate (Voiceover)

Avoiding plosives and breathing noises (Voiceover)

Avoiding a sense of rambling (Voiceover)

Sounding natural (Voiceover)

Finding an acoustic environment (Voiceover)

The Turnaround Screencast

How to Embed Video on a Web Page

Trying to Find a Theater Stage/Voice for an Impossible Situation

Notes on My Latest Screencasts

PowerPoint from Screencasting Webinar

Adding the Human Element in Screencasts

What's the Best Microphone for Screencasting?

My Upcoming STC Webinar on Screencasting

What I'm Presenting on at the Dallas Summit

Combining Cinema with Screencasting

Why Is It Important for Video Tutorials to Be User-Led?

STC's Online Certificate Courses

A Few Software Tips to Make Technical Writing Easier

Are You Irrelevant? Engaging, Provocative Video

STC's wiki is also scheduled for demolition :: TechCommDood

Two New Tools I'm Learning

How Google Does Help

Technically Speaking » The STC Crisis: the take of a “young” writer

4J's Group - THE CONTENT POOL: It's STC not STW

Lifelines to the STC

Palimpsest: Whither STC?

How Video Can Turn Your Career Around

Examples of Perfect Screencasts

"Like My Own Personal Brand of Heroin"

HD Screencast Example

The Importance of Validation (video)

STC Speaker's Registry | Find experts fast

"You know what .chms need? More bling-bling. More flash..."

Embedding HD Quality Screencasts in Your Blog

Documentation Review Techniques (videocast)

A Five-Click Solution to Publishing and Uploading Screen Videos to SharePoint

WordPress TV Launches -- The Appeal of Video Continues to Expand

Screencasting -- Workflow and Presentation, by Collin Turner (Podcast)

WordPress 2.7 Released - XML-RPC and AtomPub Changes || Joseph Scott

The Problem with Speaking Conversationally in Video Tutorials

User Assistance: Will Write for Metamucil

Finding a Conversational Voice in Video Tutorials

Details About the STC Summit Recording -- Interview with Lloyd Tucker

Guest Post: Real Writers in Virtual Worlds

Two-Minute Video to Convince Others of the Value of Technical Documentation

Thinking About an STC Proposal to Submit

Podcast: Using Video in Training and Documentation, Interview with Todd O'Neill

Uncooperative Subjects: A Comparison of Two Failed Interviews and How to Turn Them Around

Welcoming Camtasia Studio as a New Blog Sponsor

Notes from My First WordPress Meetup

Writing for the Web — Ian Koss, Founder of

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