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API jeopardy answer key

Last updated: Mar 31, 2019

The API Jeopardy questions are in the Conclusion section of Workshop Activities.

Questions (jeopardy answer key)

What is oAuth?

What is curl?

What is Postman?

What is JSON?

What is YAML?

What are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE?

What are resource description, endpoints & methods, parameters, request example, and response example & schema?

What is a response schema?

What is the components object?

What is Swagger?

What is Swagger Editor?

What is a spec-first philosophy?

What is rate limiting?

What is Swagger UI?

What are docs-as-code tools?

What is a pull request?

What is documentation drift?

What is Getting Started?

What is GitHub?

What are status and error codes?

What is a query string parameter?

What is an API key?

What is SwaggerHub?

What is Stoplight?

What is continuous deployment?

What is SOAP?

What is a native library API?

What is an SDK?

What is a header parameter?

What is

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