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Last updated: Sep 17, 2021

If you’re looking to see what’s new in the API doc site/course, you can browse new content in several ways.

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The following are the most recent updates to the API documentation course.

December 2021

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October 2021

Using Oxygen XML with docs-as-code workflows. Added a new article in the publishing tools section using Oxygen XML.

August 2021

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This list is auto-generated based on the last-modified timestamp on pages, scoped to the last 60 days. How does the script work? Every page has a “Last updated” line below the title. This script looks for any pages with a timestamp that appears within the last 60 days.

* Dec 11, 2021: Common characteristics of code tutorials * Jan 01, 2022: PDF and eBook formats * Dec 28, 2021: Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers and engineers * Dec 27, 2021: Workshop -- agenda, slides, activities * Dec 13, 2021: Broadcasting your meeting notes to influence a wider audience * Dec 28, 2021: Get authorization keys * Dec 13, 2021: Scenario for using a weather API ## Seeing what content has been updated To see what's been updated on the page, click the GitHub button next to the timestamp on the page: GitHub button This takes you to the file in GitHub. In GitHub, click the History link: GitHub History Then click the commit IDs to browse file diffs for the commits that include the file: GitHub commit IDs
You can see the [stream of commits in GitHub here]( ## Recent blog posts about API doc site updates On my blog, I often write announcement-style posts after adding new content on my API course. I tag these with "api-doc" — you can browse these [API doc site updates here](
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