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Video recordings of API doc workshops

Last updated: Jul 25, 2020

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I’ve given numerous presentations and workshops on API documentation, and I’ve recorded some of them. The most recent recordings are available below. I divided this all-day workshop into multiple separate videos. Keep in mind that my API content evolves, so some older presentations might no longer match the course content.

One-hour crash course

If you want a condensed version of videos 1-5, see this one-hour version that condenses much of the information from the other videos into one. I recorded this presentation at the STC Summit 2019 in Denver.

Most recent video (LA workshop)

I recorded part of a more recent API workshop held in Los Angeles here:

See the event details for more info.

Raleigh workshop recording

Video 1 (Raleigh workshop)

Video 2 (Raleigh workshop)

Video 3 (Raleigh workshop)

Video 4 (Raleigh workshop)

Video 5 (Raleigh workshop)

Audio only version

If you prefer audio only, you can listen here:

Video 1 of 5:

Video 2 of 5:

Video 3 of 5:

Video 4 of 5:

Video 5 of 5:

More videos

If you’d like to see more videos, see the following:

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